Factories and ware houses for sale and lease




For sale


Ware house


No of pchs: 39.5

Floor area:5200 sq.ft

A high roofed ware house with 20 ft container access at Kapuwagara rd-Batagama south

Price: Rs.25,000,000/-(onwards)



Factory building (2597)

No of pchs: 80

No of buildings:05

Total floor area: 11,000 sq.ft

A factory premises with five buildings at Fullerton Industrial estate-Nagoda

Price: Rs.33,000,000/-




Pita-Kotte (09facspit-1295)

No of pchs: 54

Bare Land: 27 pchs

A spacious three storied factory building with a bare land behind facing Thalawathugoda road close to the Pita-Kotte junction.

Price: 100,000,000/-



Ratmalana (09whsrat1222)

No of pchs:42

Total floor area: 9800 sq.ft

A spacious newly built ware house situated facing two approach roadways within the industrial zone off Attidiya road.

price: Rs.45,000,000/-



Moratuwa (facsmor-1418)

No of pchs: 70

No of floors: 03

Total floor area: 20,000 sq.ft

A spacious garment factory building situated down a private roadway off Angulana station road (bordering Ratmalana).

Price: (Offers accepted)



Garment factory


No of pchs: 352 (2.2 acres)

Floor area:

Factory:4800 sq.ft

Three storied building: 16500 sq.ft

Single storied building: 16,000 sq.ft

A fully operational garment factory ( including all machinery, furniture & fittings) situated at the Mirigama export processing zone.

Price: USD.700,000/-



Marawila (09facsmar-1296)

No of pchs: 46

No of floors : 04

Total floor area: 30,000 sq.ft

A spacious garment factory building facing the Negombo highway in the heart of the Marawila town.

Price: Rs.100,000,000/-




No of pchs:220

No of buldings:03

Total floor area: 34,383 sq.ft

Building of an ongoing  garment factory situated facing Templers road & bordering a side roadway with entrances from either side.

Price: (Offers accepted)



For lease



Ware house


No of pchs: 39.5

Floor area:5200 sq.ft

A high roofed ware house with 20 ft container access at Kapuwagara rd-Batagama south

Rent: Rs.125,000/-pm




Office cum Ware house


No of pchs: 24

No of bed rooms: 05

Floor area: 2500 sq.ft

A single storied spacious building with an outdoor ware house area on eiher side at Bodiraja mw-Jayanthipura

Rent: Rs.100,000/-pm




Kadawatha (2574)

No of pchs: 240

No of buildings: 04

Total floor area: 29000 sq.ft

A formally BOI approved factory premises with 04 building off Ragama road -Mahra Nugegoda

Rent: Rs.1,150,000/-pm




Factory building (07bldglpad579)

No of pchs: 240

No of buildings: 02

Total floor area: 10,500 sq.ft

A factory building with a separate office building on the Hadapangoda-Horana highway.

Rent: Rs.100,000/- pm



Homagama (09faclhom1109)

No of pchs:40

Floor area: 6000 sq.ft

A fully equipped spacious Garment factory situated within the Homagama town limits.

Rent: Rs.180,000/-pm




Ware house (wh-sl-jae-2089)

No of pchs: 40

No of floors: 02

Total floor area: 6000 sq.ft

A spacious ware house with an upper floor office area situated down Bandigoda road (off Jaela-Ganemulla road-close to the Guruge nature park) at batagama.

Rent: Rs.66,000/-pm





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  Property code No.   Rent Description




Rs.200,000/- pm

A six bed roomed single storied house (2000 sq.ft) on 29 pchs (with container access) at De Alwis place-off Kalubowila rd





Rs.60/-per sq.ft pm


Ware house with two separate sections (5000 sq.ft each ) with container access at Hunupitiya-Wewalduwa new rd-Dalugama




Rs.50/- per sq.ft pm

8000 sq ft high roofed ware house (with an Mezanine office floor & container access) at Dutugemunu mw ( adj commercial bank-Peliyagoda)





A three storied high roofed factory/warehouse premises with container access (3500 sq.ft) on 10th Lane-off Borupone rd





Rs.60/- per sq.ft pm

18,000 sq.ft facing Negombo rd-Mahabage (high roofed Amano structure with 1000 sq.ft office-container access)