Moratuwa                 Properties for Sale                      




Bare Land (bls-mor-2093)

No of pchs: 60

A prime land bordering the Bolgoda lake situated down M.J.C.Fernando mawatha-Idama.

Price: Rs.950,000/-per pch




Brand new building (2572)

No of pchs: 06

No of floors: 04

Total floor area: 4400 sq.ft

A brand new four storied building in the vicinity of the Galle rd at Golumadama junction.

Price: Rs.60,000,000/-



Apartment building (aptsmor-2499)

No of pchs: 16.5

No of bed rooms: 01 each

Total floor area: 1250 sq.ft

A partly built apt building situated down Frazer avenue-First Lane.

Price: Rs.19,800,000/-



House (hpsmor-2483)

No of pchs: 17

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 2500 sq.ft

A spacious single storied house with a separate annex at De Mel road-Luxapathia.

Price: Rs.18,500,000/-



Colonial type bungalow (2506)

No of pchs: 69

No of bed rooms: 05

Total floor area: 5000 sq.ft

A spacious single storied colinol type bungalow with a large landscaped garden area facing two roadways down M.J.C.Fernando mawatha (close to the Old Galle rd)

Price: (offers accepted)


Two houses (2512)

No of pchs: 22

No of bed rooms:



Floor area:

House"A"-4000 sq.ft

House"B"-3600 sq.ft

Two luxury houses with a landscape garden area & a swimming pool situated down 2nd lane-Uswatte

Price: Rs.47,000,000/-



Brand new house (2495)

No of pchs: 11

No of bed rooms: 03

Total floor area: 3000 sq.ft

A brand new luxury house built on open concept at John Rodrigo mw (behind the university)-Katubedda

Price: Rs.37,000,000/-



Bare land (2626)

No of pchs: 140

A prime land bordering the Bolgoda lake from behind & facing Egoda Uyana-Koralawella rd (in Moratuwa bordering Panadura)Price: Rs.1,100,000/- per pch





No of pchs: 64

No of stories: 03

Total floor area:30,000 sq.ft

A spacious three storied building facing the Galle road (next to the Big city) at Katubedda.

Price: (Offers accepted)


Bare Land (08blsmor1002)

No of pchs:20.25

A prime land bordering the Bolgoda lake with a boat peer situate close to the Katubedda university.

Price: Rs.10,500,000/-



Building (06bldgsmor412)

No of pchs: 25

No of stories:03

Total floor area: 6300 sq.ft

Price: Rs.8,000,000/-



Hotel (hgsl/bo-1777A)

No of pchs: 246 pchs

No of rooms: 20

An ongoing 20 roomed hotel with a banquet hall, swimming pool & other facilities, situated facing the Bolgoda lake & the Old Galle road at Gorakana.

Price: Rs.275,000,000/-



House (hps-mor-1916)

No of pchs: 12

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 1700 sq.ft

A newly built luxury house situated by the vicinity of the Bolgoda lake at Riverside Garden off Koralawella road (One Km from the Old Galle road)

Price: Rs.11,000,000/-



House (hpsmor-2159)

No of pchs: 13.5

No of bed rooms: 06

A newly refurbished luxury & spacious two storied house with a garden situated by the Old Galle road at Gorakana (about half Km from the Moratuwa bridge-second house from the Old Galle rd)

Price: Rs.13,500,000/-



Factory (facsmor-1418)

No of pchs: 70

No of floors: 03

Total floor area: 20,000 sq.ft

A spacious garment factory building situated down a private roadway off Angulana station road (bordering Ratmalana).

Price: (Offers accepted)




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  Property code No.   Price Description

Rs. 8 mil

A three bed roomed single storied house on 15 pchs at M.E.Perera mawatha,Koralawella

Rs. 18 mil

Two separate houses in the same land of 15 pchs with 6 & 4 bed rooms each (both two storied) situated behind the HNB (second block from the Galle rd) at Golumadama junction

Rs. 10.5 mil

A five bed roomed single storied house on 23.9 pchs at Maha vidana rd off Koralawella road (sold for the land value)

Rs. 22 mil

A five bed roomed two storied house on 06 pchs at Jubilee rd (behind the K zone-Katubedda)