Mt.Lavinia                 Properties for Sale                                                                      


House (2632)

No of pchs: 10

No of bed rooms: 03

Total floor area:1700 sq.ft

A newly refurbished single storied house down OLd Query road (adj Kheells super)

Price: Rs.27,500,000/-




House (2599)

No of pchs:11

No of bed rooms: 03

Total floor area: 3000 sq.ft

A luxury & spacious two storied house with a roof top terrace at Janatha mw (off First Templars lane)




Apartment (apt-mtl-2458)

No of bed rooms: 02 & 03

Floor areas: 900 & 1080 sq.ft

A newly coming up apt project with only 08 exclusive apt units down Beach road (6th block from the Galle rd)

Price ranging from

Rs.12.9 mil onwards


Bare land (bls-mtl-2242)

No of pchs: 20

A prime land situated by the Galle road (10 meters down a private road) close to the Mt.Lavinia junction.

Price Rs.2,500,000/- per pch




Apartments (apt-mtl-2338)

No of bed rooms: 02 & 03

Two & three bed roomed luxury apts in progress in a new condo building down Siripala rd (next to US car sale-Galle rd)

Price: Ranging from Rs.13,500,000/-onwards



Hotel (hgsl-mtl-2365)

No of pchs: 31

No of rooms: 12

No of floors: 03

Total floor area:6000 sq.ft

A three storied hotel with a restaurant & bar close to the Mt.lavinia beach-down Old station road





Town Houses (BEN)

No of bed rooms: 05 & 06

Total floor area:2588 to 3701 sq.ft

Brand new 05 & 06 bed roomed luxury houses (just finishing) down Pirivena rd (200 meters fm Galle rd opp the Ratmalana bus depot)

Price: Ranging from Rs.32,900,000/-onwards



Apartments (2546)

No of bed rooms: 03

Total floor area:1400 sq.ft (average)

Three bed roomed luxury apts with a roof top gym & a swimming pool coming up at Udaya mw(off Templars rd)-Now open for bookings

Price: Ranging from Rs.19,500,000/-onwards



House (2580)

No of pchs:9.5

No of bed rooms: 05

Total floor area: 2140 sq.ft

A luxury & spacious two unit house facing Templars rd & bordering First Templars mw (close to Kalapura)





Land with a house (2571)

No of pchs:20

A prime land with an old house down De Alwis place (off De Seram rd)(75 yards from the best beach in Mt.lavinia)

Price:Rs.3,900,000/-per pch



Land (2591)

No of pchs:19.8

(blocked into 6.75-6.75-6.30 pchs)

A prime land facing two roadways at Abeysekera road (off watarappala road)

Price:Rs.2,800,000/-per pch




Bare land (2679D)

No of pchs:22 (10+11)

A prime land on private road off the Galle road close to the Mt.lavinia junction

Price:Rs.2,400,000/-per pch



Apartments (2615)

No of bed rooms: 02 & 03

Total floor area: 815-1485 sq.ft

Newly coming up luxury apts at Beach road (close to the Galle rd)

Prices: Ranging from Rs.13.9 mil onwards (project over April 2019)



House (hps-mtl-2048)

No of pchs: 23.92

No of bed rooms: 10

Total floor area: 8500 sq.ft

A spacious four unit house facing two roadways situated down Huludagoda road.

Price: (offers accepted)



House (hps-mtl-2032)

No of pchs: 8.14

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 2549 sq.ft

A brand new luxury house situated at Templars cresent

(down Templars road-close to the Bekariya junction)

Price: Rs.20,000,000/-



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  Property code No.   Price Description

50 mil

A seven bed roomed single storied spacious bungalow on 24 pchs situated down De Seram road (adj former Franfort restaurant)

32 mil

A three bed roomed single storied luxury house (built on open concept)(4500 sq.ft) at Gunaratne rd (opp St.Thomases)

20 mil

A four bed roomed brand new luxury house on 6 pchs on a private rd off Station rd (three blocks from the post office)

24 mil

A three storied house with two bed roomed individual apts on each floor (all three stories 4500 sq.ft) at Indrajothi rd ( down William rd) off Galle rd (adj Seylan bank)


27.5 mil

A three bed roomed two storied house (15 years old) on 8.74 pchs at Pirivena Gardens (off Pirivena rd-opp Ratmalana bus depot)


32 mil

Two brand new houses adjoining each other at Dakshinarama rd-100 meters from the Galle rd (House A- 6.8 pchs 04 bed rooms 2200 sq.ft- 35 mil) (House B- 6.25 pchs 04 bed rooms 2000 sq.ft- 32 mil)


30 mil

A 08 bed roomed two storied house on 10 pchs (5 years old) at Vidyala rd (off Templars rd)


19 mil

A three bed roomed two storied house on 03 pchs at Gunawardena road-off Peiris road


28 mil

A two bed roomed house with a shop (slab for the upper floor) close to Bilal masjid facing Abeysekera rd