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Code No. Details price
Aluthgama 2444

A prime land with a wide Galle road frontage situated at Aluthgama junction with many major business establishments in the vicinity

Photos & details

Rs.3,000,000/- per pch

Ambalangoda 112F


32 pchs beach land facing the Galle road & bordering the beach 2 km from the town close to Akurala beach

Rs.600,000/- per pch

Athurugiriya blsauth-1512

Several blocked out solid land situated in a prime location close to the Millennium city housing complex down Galwarusawa road.

Photos & details

Rs.180,000/- to Rs.200,000/-per pch

Athurugiriya 58B

235 pchs prime land at Galwarusawa  road (about 2 km from the Athurugiriya junction)

Rs.150,000/-per pch

Athurugiriya 74H 24 pchs at 2nd Lane-off Lake View drive (12 pch blocks could be bought)

Rs.300,000/-per pch

Athurugiriya 2524C

Prime land situated down Iddamalwatte road

Photos & details

Rs.350,000/-per pch

Bandaragama B/146

55 pchs land facing the Gammanpila lake  five minutes drive from the Sothern expressway inter change at Bandaragama.

Photos & details



(East coast)


9.5 acres prime beach front property 15 km south of Batticaloa at HMS Hermes shipwreck

Photos & details

Rs.45,000,000/-(full land)


Battarmulla 47P 22 pchs at Asoka circle off Subuthipura Rs.2.2 mil pp
Battarmulla 77A 10 pchs land with an old house facing Pannipitiya rd (adj the Cool planet) close to the Pelawatte junction Rs.3.3 mil pp
Battarmulla 2379

5 blocks of bare land as follows (7 pchs-1pchs-10.3pchs-10.67pchs-11.33pchs) at Halbarawa-Thalahena

Photos & details

Rs.600,000/- pp
Battarmulla 84K 9.1 pchs land at first lane subuthipura Rs.21 mil (full land)



9.2 pchs land at First lane-Udayapura-off Robert Gunawardena mw (700 meters from the Environmental ministry) Rs.1.2 mil pp



06 pchs land at Ekamuthu mw-off Pipe rd-Koswatte Rs.1.5 mil pp


A prime land with a single storied house at Jamia Nalimia road-Ambepitiya about two Km from the town center

Photos & details

Rs.52 mil (for the full land)
Bolgoda 1777b

A prime land of 30 pchs facing the Bolgoda lake at Galkanuwa road-off the Old Galle road-Gorakana.

Photos & details

Boralesgamuwa 2320B

A prime land with a lake view situated at Sisila Udyanaya off Weva road (close to Pirivena junction) Photos & details



(posted 8/2/17)

11 pchs bare land on a private rd (opp the Police station) at Boralesgamuwa junction Rs.1.8 mil-pp
Colombo-03 70D

8.9 pchs bare land facing the Marine drive (adj Sellamutu ave)

Rs.15 mil pp
Colombo-03 85F

7 pchs at Boyd place (bordering St.James Peiris mawatha)

Rs.16.5 mil pp
Colombo-03 90D


11 pchs bare land on a private rd off Peylmarah avenue

Rs.12 mil pp
Colombo-03 96M


7.46 pchs prime land with an old house at Scofield place (main rd bet the Marine drive & the Galle rd)

Rs.11 mil pp



10 pchs down Scofield place (with a building)

Rs.15 mil pp



71 pchs prime land with 110ft Galle rd frontage adj 9th Lane (300 ft frontage) opp the Colombo jewellery stores (cleared by the courts)

Rs.21 mil pp



31 pchs prime land facing the Marine drive with a building (adj 17th Lane)

Rs.18 mil pp
Colombo-04 12G 43 pchs facing the Galle road (adjoining Ridgway place-opp St.Peters college) Rs.11.5 mil pp
Colombo-04 74K 28.5 pchs bare land at Lauries road (with a Caviet issue) Rs.7 mil pp
Colombo-04 79O 0.75 pchs wih a single storied building at Ransivi Lane(Bambalapitiya junction close to the Galle rd) Rs.3 mil (full)
Colombo-04 82K 22 pchs facining the marine drive adj the Kheells supermarket) Rs.14 mil pp
Colombo-04 85E 7.68 pchs down De vos avenue (3rd block from the Galle rd) Rs.115 mil (full land)



10.15 pch with an old house down Devos ave (after Duplication rd 5th block) Rs.15 mil pp



20 pchs bare lans facing the Galle road (opp Amrit restaurant & adjoining St.Pauls milagiriya) Rs.20 mil pp



9.2 pchs prime land with an old house at Fareed place (adj St.Peters college) Rs.13 mil pp



29.7 pchs bare land down Clifford place (opp St.Peters college) Rs.12 mil pp



09 pchs bare land facing Duplication rd (Adj Lauries rd & Future world building) Rs.17.5 mil pp
Colombo-05 59F

07 pchs down a private road off Polhengoda road (opp Kalinga place)

Rs.4.75 mil pp
Colombo-05 65K

21 pchs bare land on a private road off Narahenpita road (opp the Kheells super after the rail gate)

Rs.6 mil pp



09 pchs bare land (2nd block fm main rd) private rd off Kirula rd Rs.8 mil pp
Colombo-06 51E 20 pchs land with a five bed roomed single storied house at Pamankade lane off W.A.Silva mw Rs.3.8 mil pp
Colombo-06 75G 98 pchs bare land facing the Marine drive (adj Kfc & Charliment rd) Rs.18.5 mil pp
Colombo-06 80M 18 pchs (12p+7p) at Solomon ave (off Pamankade lane-opp Malki rent a car) Rs.6 mil pp
Colombo-06 82E 15 pchs bare land on a private road opp the Eros cinama-Pamankade Rs.6.5 mil pp
Colombo-06 2428

13.5 pchs prime land with a single storied building facing the Galle rd (opp the Wellawatte mosque adj Abdul Rahims)

Photos with details

Rs.15 mil pp
Colombo-06 97B


16 pchs with a old house down a private rd off Ramakrishna rd (close to the Marine drive)

Rs.7.2 mil pp
Colombo-06 100M


15.5 pchs land with an told house down Moor road (bet the Galle rd & the Marine drive)

Rs.8.5 mil pp


A prime land with two houses facing Hamers avenue & bordering a private rd.

Photos with details

Rs.15 mil pp
Colombo-07 81L Land with a 5 bed roomed single storied house on 10 pchs at Ward place Rs.120 mil
Colombo-07 81M Land with a 5 bed roomed single storied house on 10 pchs at Laries rd Rs.120 mil
Colombo-08 13E 70 pchs bare land bet the British school & Trillium residencies facing Elvitigala mawatha with a 42 road frontage Rs.7.5 mil pp
Colombo-10 52E 9.75 pchs down Budist center road (bordering another road from behind) of Marada rd (opp the Teleshop) Rs.2.3 mil pp



13.5 pchs with an old house on a private rd off Saranankara rd (close to the Pamankade bridge side)

Rs.3  mil pp



A four bed roomed two storied old house on 7.6 pchs down Aponso ave




8.5 pchs land off Kadawatha rd (down a private rd) (200 meters from the Anderson rd junction)




14.5 pchs bare land down Sri Medankara rd (opp Sampath bank-Karagampitiya)

Rs.28-mil (full land)



A three storied building facing Attidiya main road on 14 pchs (total floor area 6100 sq.ft) 40 ft road frontage.

Rs.63.5 mil



Prime land situated down Manthrimulla road-200 meters from Bekariya junction

Photos with details

Rs.950,000/- pp



14 pchs with a five bed roomed single storied old house down Moor rd ( five houses from the Dehiwela juma mosque)

Rs.3 mil pp



12 pchs with an old house at Pllidora rd (off Kawdana rd about one Km from the Galle rd)

Rs.2.4 mil pp



19.5 pchs at Prethi De silva mawatha off Station rd with a 6 bed roomed two storied old house

Rs.3.5 mil pp



Three bed roomed single storied house (20 yrs old) on 11 pchs at Kawdana road (close to Kawdana Broadway)

Rs.2.2 mil pp



4.65 pchs with a two bed roomed single storied house at Piyarathana rd (water board rd near the zoo)

Rs.9 mil



28 pchs primeland facing the Galle rd (opp the No Limit car park-close to Arpico)

Rs.6 mil pp




6.5 pchs facing Anderson road (close to Kadawatha rd about 500 meters from the Kalubowila junction)

Rs.1.8 mil pp




10 pchs land at Sujatha mawatha off De silva lane-Kalubowila

Rs.3.8 mil pp




4.85 pchs with an old house down 5th Lane (adj the Pizza hut-Attidiya)

Rs.7.2 mil (full land)




17 pchs bare land at Rohini road (paralel rd to Capt Sumudhu Rajapakshe mw) off Hill street

Rs.2.1 mil pp




46 pchs coconut land at Ratnawali rd (next to Anderson rd off Kalubowila rd)

Rs.5.5 mil pp




08 pchs bare land bordering the lake at Lake Edge residencies-4th lane (adj the Police acadamy-Attidiya main rd)

Rs.3 mil pp




9.2 pchs bare land on a private rd off Kawdana rd (opp the Food city)

Rs.2 mil pp




9 pchs land with an old house at Fairline rd (with access from Inner Fairline rd as well)

Rs.3.9 mil pp




14 pchs with a motor garage facing Hill street at Nedimala junction

Rs.3.5 mil pp




10 pchs squre block bare land at First lane( off Pepiliyana rd)

Rs.1.6 mil pp

East coast-Ninthaur 09blsnin-1301

12.5 acres of prime beach land in the  East coast at Ninthaur

Photos with details

USD.30,000/-per acre
Galle blsgal-1480v

18.55 pchs Prime land situated down Mosque lane at Katugoda off the Akuressa road within the Galle municipal limits.

Photos with details

(price negotiable)

Galle 8F 200 pchs beach front land (bordering the beach & facing the Galle road) at Rathgama (before Galle)

Rs.500,000/-per pch

Galle 57M

37 acres of prime land with 1.2 km Ging ganga river frontage (where the river meets the sea) almost facing the Galle rd from the front side close to the Light House hotel-owner looking for a investor for an Echo tourism project similar to cabana type accommodation with a restaurant, pool, individual boat pears & water sports activities


Galle 61O

60 pchs (with a livable house)at Malwatte-Thalpe North-Unawatuna

Rs.8 mil (full land)

Galle 87C

26 pchs bordering the beach at Unawatuna

Rs.1 mil per pch

Galle 2472

Prime land situated at Mihiripenna-Thalpe (close to the Unwatuna beach

Photos & details

Rs.42 mil (full land)




A land with a sea view*76 perches with clear bonds and documents*12kms from galle *10 minutes walking distance to the habaraduwa beautiful beach and to the main road.*Bank valuation 89 laks. *Ideal for tourism

Rs.6 mil (full land)




140 pchs bare land at Liyanagethenna about one Km from Habaraduwa town                    

Rs.140,000/- per pch

Hambantota 35F 110 pchs bare land surrounded by a fence adj the Gramodaya bank at the Hambantota town center Rs.300,000/-per pch
Homagama 76N 11.4 pchs at Atabagahalanda facing the Homagama-Hanwella 219 bus route near Dickhena junction Rs.100,000/-per pch
Hikkaduwa 2513

220 pchs of Echo friendly land bordering a stream & consisting of a two storied bungalow at Narigama

Photos & details

Rs.500,000/-per pch
Induruwa 45M 174 pchs & 224 pchs two separate blocks of land bordering the beach close to the Induruwa beach hotel Rs.650,000/-per pch
Ja Ela 86C 19 pchs bare land (second block from Negombo rd) opp the new eye hospital at Dandugama Rs.500,000/-per pch
Ja Ela 2508

A prime land facing the Gampaha-Ekala main road with two houses & a commercial shop space at Makavita

Photos & details

Rs.550,000/-per pch
Kandy blskan-1480f

320 pchs  land situated in a highly elevated scenic location at Herasagala.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)



19.2 pchs  land situated close to Pitiyagedara junction on the Kandy-Wattegama road.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)



6.3 pchs  land situated down Srimath Kuda Ratwatte mawatha close to the Dodanduwa junction.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)



42.5 pchs land located on the Mahiyanganaya road close to the Orutotta bridge & the Naranpanawa town.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)



A prime land situated off Peradeniya road (driveway adj Amith Gems)

Photos & details

Rs. 1 mil pp



A prime land situated in a highly elevated scenic location at Ambatenna-Katugastota

Photos & details

Rs. 65,000/- pp
Kadawatha blskad-1480n

94.53 prime land situated about two Km from the Indigaahamula junction & the Colombo-Kandy highway at Weboda.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)


Kadawatha 44D 18.25 pchs on a private rd (Shanthi mw-2 km from Colombo-Kandy rd towards Ragama) Rs.425,000/- per pch
Kaduwela blskad-1480m

11.3 pchs land situated close to the Embulgama junction off Avisawella road about six Km from the Kaduwela town.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)


Kaduwela 82N 90 pchs land cultivated with Tambuttan fruit (with additional 180 pchs adjoining land if required) bordering the Kelani river (with a 10 ft reservation) at Rasapana rd-Ehala Bomiriya Rs. 300,000/-pp
Kalpitiya 4L Peninsula ( Its like an island ) This is the best place i"ve ever seen . Covered with a Kalpitiya Lagoon, One side is connected to the land and road access from that end. if not can go by boat, ideal for water bungalows

Rs. 6 mil per acre

Kalpitiya 4M Kalpitya 10 Acres / Lagoon view

Rs. 6 mil per acre

Katharagama 76M 368 pchs facing the Colombo-Kataragama main road at Detagamuwa

Rs. 175,000/-per pch

Kesbewa blskes-1480m

340.5 pchs of land situated beside a paddy field down Kottawa road close to the Polgasowita town.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)

Maharagama 2524D

Prime land situated down Walawatta road

Photos & details

Rs. 1,200,000/-per pch

Malabe blsmal-1744

8-10 pchs blocked out lands situated at Subhodarama road -off Pothuwarama road, about one Km down Authurugiriya road from Malabe junction.

Photos & details

Ranging from Rs.320,000/- pp
Malabe blsmal-2307

A prime land situated down Chandrika Kumaratunga mw (close to the Cinec Maritime campus & Dr.Nevile Fdo hospital

Photos & details

Matara bls-mat-1958b

A prime beach land sitauted facing the Galle-Matara main road & bordering the beach from behind at Bandaramulla-Mirissa

Photos & details

Rs.650,000/- pp

Matara bl/est-mat-2315

Cinnamon land with ISO certified factory plus mixed crops of tea & rubber & a Gem mining land at Kirinda-Puhulwella

Photos & details



Matara 4H

Brand New Luxury Villa -  direct sea view & River Nilwala./ 4 Bedrooms  with all the Facilities /Fully Furnished. Entire Land is 2.5 Acres / Villa Takes 59.64 Perch / Owner had taken approvals for 6 Luxury villa./ Tourist Board approval , Pradeshiya saba approval, constructions approval ,cost conservation board etc.



Mt.Lavinia 1C 50 pchs flat land 300 meters from the Gallle road as blocks of 6,7 & 9 pchs or as full

Rs.1.3 mil  pp

Mt.Lavinia 1L 20.5 pchs prime land (with an old house) on a private rd leading only to this property down Athula mawatha off Templars road

Rs.900,000/- pp

Mt.Lavinia 8G 135.5 pchs land by the railway line down St.Ritas road (in the vicinity of the beach & the Mt.Lavinia hotel)

Rs.800,000/- pp

Mt.Lavinia 30L 6 pchs prime land situated facing Templars rd (adj the pola at Bekariya junction)

Rs.1.5 mil pp

Mt.Lavinia 32H 29 pchs beach land vicinity of the beach-close to Mt.Lavinia hotel down St.Ritas rd

Rs.700,000/- pp

Mt.Lavinia 2242

A prime land situated by the Galle road (10 meters down a private road) close to the Mt.Lavinia junction

Photos & details

Rs.2.5 mil pp

Mt.Lavinia 57F

22.47 pchs on a private road off Old Querry road (adj the Kheels super at the junction-20 meters from the Galle rd)

Rs.2.2 mil p

Mt.Lavinia 78P 10 pchs with an old house down Wattarappala rd (50 meters from the Galle rd)

Rs.2.5 mil pp

Mt.Lavinia 80F 7.1 pchs bare land at Huludagida road

Rs.1.8 mil pp

Mt.Lavinia 83F 19.36 pchs land with an old house close to the Galle rd down Beach road

Rs.3.5 mil pp

Mt.Lavinia 2448

A prime land (with a drive way) down Athula mw-Off Templars road (close to the Sidhalepa hospital)

Photos & details

Rs.1.9 mil pp

Mt.Lavinia 90K 48 pchs bare land at Samudrasanna mawatha (opp Templars rd-sea side)

Rs.2 mil pp




14 pchs with an old house on a private rd off Wijesiriwardrna rd

Rs.1.8 mil pp




32 pchs bare land at De soysa avenue off Hotel rd (close to the Mt.lavinia hotel)

Rs.3.5 mil pp




9.8 pchs bare land at Samudrasanna road

Rs.2.5 mil pp





55 pchs bare land in the vicinity of the Mt.lavinia beach & the railway station down Vihara mw (off Samudrasanna rd)

Rs.2.5 mil pp





12 pchs bare land off Samudrasanna road (about 300 meters from the Galle rd)

Rs.1 mil pp





6.23 pchs down a private rd off Hen road (2 mminutes walk from the Galle rd)

Rs.1.6 mil pp






A prime land with an old house down De Alwis place (off De Seram rd)(75 yards from the best beach in Mt.lavinia)

Photos & details

Rs.3.9 mil pp






10 pchs land with an old house at Old query rd ( adj Kheells super mtl junction)

Rs.3 mil pp






17 pchs land with an abondened factory building at Gnanatilake rd (off Peiris rd)

Rs.2.7 mil pp






A prime land facing two roadways at Abeysekera road (off Watarappala road)

(blocked into 6.75-6.75-6.30 pchs)

Photos & details

Rs.2.8 mil pp

Moratuwa blsmor-1480S

12.6 pchs prime land facing two roadways situated opposite the Brandix casual wear factory down Thelawala road at Laxapathiya.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)

Moratuwa 2093

A prime land bordering the Bolgoda lake situated down M.J.C.Fernando mawatha-Idama.

Photos & details





19.5 Pchs land facing the Galle rd (adj the HSBC) at Kurusa Handiya


Nawala 2D 24.4 pchs with a three bed roomed house at Swarna place Rs. 3 mil pp
Nawala 82O Eight pchs bare land at Gunasekera gardens-off Nawala rd Rs. 3 mil pp
Nawala 85H 7.4 pchs down a Private rd off Nirmana mawatha (close to the Open university & the Nawala road) Rs. 16.5 mil (full land)
Nawala 93B


20.7 pchs-second block from Nawala rd (opp school lane) down a private road Rs. 3.2 mil pp



7.5 pchs at Temple lane (about 100 meters from Nawala road close to the Open university) Rs. 800,000/- pp



A fiber processing factory with three ware houses, an office, managers & labor quarters situated facing the Kurunegla-Dankotuwa highway at Wekada-Dankotuwa.

Photos & details

(Offers accepted)



Villa with the pool-at Divulapitiya rd-Demangaha

Rs.30,000,000/-(USD.285,714/-) Adjoining 47 pchs bare land-Rs.250,000/-(USD.1,612/-) per pch Three blocks of land 20 pchs each-Rs.215,000/-(USD.1,387/-) per pch Another 36 pchs bare land-Rs.165,000/-(USD.1,064/-) per pch All situated adjoining each other

Photos & details

(All prices negotiable)



17 pchs bare land at Luwis place (opp the Jetwing Blue hotel on the land side)

Rs.1.2 mil pp



38.2 pchs of bare land at Pepeliyana rd (near Pagoda)

Rs. 2.9 mil pp



32 pchs land (with two livable houses) at Railway avenue (sold for the land value)

Rs. 3 mil pp



21 pchs with an old house at Mayura mw-Bellanhara-Pepiliyana

Rs. 1.2 mil pp




16 pchs bare land (8pchs x2) at Rupasiri mawatha (adj Mirihana police)

Rs. 2 mil pp




14 pchs with a motor garage facing Hill street at Nedimala junction

Rs. 2.4 mil pp

Nuwara eliya



32 pchs bare land behind Grand hotel

Rs. 3 mil pp

Nuwara eliya



Prime land facing the Badulla road (op the Ashfort hotel) about 07 Km from the town center at Seetha Eliya

Photos & details

(Offers accepted)

Panafura/Bolgoda blsbol-1633

A prime land with a wide water front situated at Raskin Island.

Photos & details



9.9 pchs land situated about 3.5 KM from the Panadura town center down Thalpitiya road at Pinwatte at 'Field Paradise'

Photos & details





9.3  pchs of prime land situated down a private road off Mahanama road (in the heart of the Panadura town)  about 100 yrds from the Galle road.

Photos & details



A vast landscaped land bordering the Bolgoda lake at Paratha road-Keselwatte with a bungalow with a swimming pool.

Photos & details

Rs.600,000/-per pch



140 pchs bare land facing the Bolgoda lake (100 meters from Diggala rd-Keselwatte) Rs.500,000/-per pch
Padukka blspad-1480r

111.7 pchs prime land blocked out -situated down Miriyagala mawatha off Ingiriya road about four KM from the Paduka town.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)


Padukka blspad-1480o

128.89 pchs prime land situated on high elevation in the vicinity of a paddy field at Pansala juncton -Arakawila,down Ingiriya road.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)


Pita kotte blspil-1480d

52 pchs  land divided in to three blocks situated down Atiygala mawathaa-off Madapatha road.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)


Piliyandala blspil-1480e

15.5 pchs land situated down Ganngarama vihara mawatha, close to the Kotagedara junction at Madapatha.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)
Piliyandala 76O 10 & 11pch blocks Green Fields-Sakura Uyana-Polmukalana-Gonapola Rs.85,000/- pp
Piliyandala 2379

10 pchs bare land situated on the Kottawa-Piliyandala main road at Gorakapitiya-Pelanwatte

Photos & details

Rs.386,000/- pp
Piliyandala 2524b

Prime land situated down Diyagama road-Kahathuduwa

Photos & details

Rs.350,000/- pp


09 pchs bare land at Pubudu mw-Siddamulla (second block from the main road) Rs.500,000/- pp


09 pchs prime land on a private road off Pubudu mawatha-Siddamulla

Photos & details

Rs.750,000/- pp
Puwakpitiya 78A 360 pchs facing Thunmodara rd-Puwakpitiya (7Km from Avisawela town) Rs.50,000/- pp
Ratmalana blsrat-1537

A prime land situated down 8 h Lane-off Borupona road in a highly residential & well secured location.

Photos & details

Offers accepted
Ratmalana 23H
10.2 pchs bare land at Abhaya mawatha off Borupone rd ( about one Km from the Galle rd)
Rs.8.5 mil (full land)
Ratmalana 63B 18.75 pchs bare land close to the Ratmalana railway station-Kaldemulla Rs.850,000/- pp
Ratmalana 66N 28.1 pchs with an old house at Namal mawatha-Sirimal uyana Rs.42mil (full land)
Ratmalana 67P 18 pchs bare land on a private rd (second block from the Galle rd) close to Malibans sea side (adj W.A.Silva watch co) Rs.1.9 mil pp
Ratmalana 80O 15 pchs at Salmal mseatha-Sirimal uyana Rs.1.7/-mil pp
Ratmalana 85D 10.8 pchs bare land (25 meters from the Galle rd) at Raja mawatha (opp Attidiya rd off Galle rd) Rs.15 mil (full land)



17 pchs bare land facing the Galle rd (near Maliban junction-Land side) Rs.4 mil pp



19.1 pchs with a livable house at Salmal pedesa-Sirimal Uyana Rs.1.7 mil pp



20 pchs bare land at Sea beach rd (100 meters from the Ratmalana railway station) Rs.1.5 mil pp



15 pchs land at Malikarama rd-Sirimal Uyana (close to the temple) Rs. 29.9 mil (full land)
Ratmalana 2584A

A prime land on a private rd off Chakindarama rd (about 200 meters from the Galle rd)

Photos & details

Rs.1.6 mil pp
Rajagiriya 49H 55 pchs land down 4th lane off Rajagiriya rd Rs.1.6 mil pp
Rajagiriya 65L 15 pchs square block down a private road off Cotta road (opp the Sampath bank) Rs.2.8 mil pp


78L 36.3 pchs wit a three storied luxury house with 08 bed roms & a roof top swimming pool on a private rd off Rajagiriya rd (near Moragasmulla junction & the Gal palliya) Rs.1.3 mil pp
Rajagiriya 87B 15 pchs bare land on a private rd off Cotta road close to the Rajagitiya junction Rs.4 mil pp



9.7 pchs down a private rd close to the FAB-Nawala rd (with an old house) Rs.23.5 mil
Seeduwa blssed-1480k

423.44 pchs (2.64 Acres) prime land situated about 300 meters from the Colombo-Negombo highway bordering a lagoon.

Photos & details

(price negotiable)

Tangalle 302M 120 pchs prime beach land (ideally suited for tourism) bordering the lagoon & close to the beach at Tissamaharama rd close to the Tangalle town




52pchs prime land opp. the Austasia sports complex

Photos & details




Nilavali Beach Front Land - 3 Acres / Perfect Square shape & Flat Land/ Has lovely view./beach font age 115 m Tourist Board Approval , Construction Approval, UDA approval, Pradeshiya Saba Approval,SLTDA Approval,Cost conservation Approval taken By the Owner




2.5 acres land bordering the Wadduwa beach 500 meters from the Blue waters hotel towards Galle side




A prime beach front land (with Colombo harbor view) situated in the vicinity of several resort hotels at Uswetakeiyawa

Photos & details




A prime land situated down Galudupita road-close to the Colombo-Negombo highway, the Lanka Milk foods factory & the Naval base.

Photos & details

Price: Rs.275,000/- per pch





A prime land situated on  high elevation by the Matara-Colombo expressway at Udakawa.

Photos & details

Rs.125,000/-per pch



A prime land wih an old bungalow in the heart of the Weligama town

Photos & details

Rs.1,000,000/-per pch