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To sell or lease a property is not an easy task. It has to be advertised several times. Advertising in website through the Internet is the fastest and the most economical way to find the genuine Buyer or the Tenant for your property. Present day, the people are busy at work and they are unable to find time to go through news papers and visit the properties advertised in the news papers, wasting Time, Energy, Money and Fuel.

That is why we have decided to take your property to the client’s door step (desk top computer) with photographs and the other information for the Buyer or the Tenant to decide at least 95% before the visit. By this we could get the real buyer in to our net while saving every body’s Time, Money and Energy.

We commenced this in October 2004 and by now we receive more than 30 to 40 email and telephone enquiries per day from our local and overseas clients world wide, We have advertised many housing projects done by reputed companies who have their own websites as well, as it diverts more traffic to their websites through ours,

We request you to take a decision to advertise in our website

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 Without delay and to obtain quick results.

“Leave it to us for a better deal “



We shall visit & inspect the site and obtain photographs, register the data in our data bank, prepare a detailed write-up and advertise in our website.


We will publish the owners direct contact details so that no brokerage is involved, but if you wish we can bring our own clients as well & a brokerage fee of 3% of the sale amount (If it is a sale) & one month rent (If it is for lease) is payable to us if it goes through a client whom we bring.


You are assured of a very good response as our website is connected to 49 other websites & has a average daily visitor rate of 385 visitors worldwide to our web site, Also when you type “Real estate in Sri Lanka”, “Properties in Sri Lanka” or “Apartments in Colombo” & many other key words, you could view our web site on the first page in the Google search engine.


Apart from these we do a monthly news letter to about 50,000 recipients including all the embassies in Colombo.



(a) Colombo - SL. Rs. 8,000/-
(b) Out Stations - SL. Rs. 9,000/- (Upwards)
(c) Additional photographs - SL Rs.100/- each.
(e) Hiding & Reactivation - Rs. 1,000/-
(d) Additional Category - SL Rs. 1,000/- each.


If the property is for Sale – 12 Months
If the property is for Rent or Lease - 12 Months or continuous

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0714920402 or 2716920.


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