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Hotel (hgsl-hapu-1866A)

No of acres: 15

No of rooms: 30

A newly coming up with 30 individual cottage type rooms with a natural rock wall on one side & a scenic view on the other & two natural pools bordering a river below facing the Ella-Wellawaya road.

Price: Rs.75,000,000/-


Bare lands (blsban-1867)

No of pchs: 10 x 24 blocks

Blocked out prime land situated in a highly elevated scenic location down Visaka road, about 3 KM from the town center.

Prices: ranging from Rs.250,000/-






House (07hpslban650)

No of pchs: 10

No of bed rooms: 04

A newly built spacious three storied house situated in a scenic location close to the town.

Price: Rs.8,800,000/-


Land with a building


No of pchs: 80

Total floor area: 5,200 sq.ft

A single storied high roofed spacious building situated on 80 pchs land facing the Bandarawela-Welimada highway & situated close to the town.

Price: Rs.200,000/- per pch







Hotel (09hotsban-1262)

No of Acres: 17.5

No of rooms:

06 Double/ 02 Family

A luxury hotel situated in a scenic location at Makul Ella.

Price: Rs.65,000,000/-








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Area Property code No.   price Description


  50M   Rs.10 mil A six bed roomed single storied house on 18 pchs at Golf link rd (Green cottage close to the Tourist board & St.Thomases college)