Bentota                 Properties for Sale





House & apts (hpsben-1481)

No of pchs: 17

No of bed rooms:House-3

Apt's-01 on each floor

Floor area:House-1700 sq

Apt's-1900 sq.ft (total)

A spacious single storied hose & three one bed roomed apts' situated down Bandaranayake mawtha close to the beach & the Induruwa railway station.

Price: Rs.16,000,000/-




House with an annex (2601)

No of pchs: 48.2

No of bed rooms:


Total floor area: 2500 s.ft

A spacious single storied house with an annex & a large garden area around at Elpitiya road-Dawlana

Price: Rs.33,000,000/-






Twin villas (hps-ben-2439a)

No of pchs: 35+42

No rooms:03+03

No of floors: single (both)

Total floor area:3000+2300

Twin vilas adjoinning each other (one wit a swimming pool) at Kaikawala-Induruwa.






No of pchs: 50

No of floors: 04

Total floor area: 8000 sq.ft

An on going luxury beach hotel with 11 rooms (including suits), a restaurant, two bars &a swimming pool situated at Kosgoda beach.

Price: Rs.100,000,000/-

(inclusive of all furniture, appliances & the business)


Beach land (blsben-2107)

No of pchs: 78

A prime beach land facing the Galle road & bordering the beach from behind at Warahena

(opp. the Machang restaurant)

Price: Rs.65,000,000/-

(for the full land)


Land with an old bungalow


No of Acres: 08

A prime land with an old Waluwa situated on a small mountain with a road around & a  on a small mountain with a road & a 360 degree magnificent view around  (two Km inland from the Galle road & the beach at Induruwa)

Price: Rs.25,000,000/-


Beach villa (bvben-sl-2162)

No of pchs: 80

No of floors: 02

No of bed rooms:03

Total floor area:2800 sq.ft

A spacious two storied beach villa with large front & rear garden areas facing the Galle road & bordering the beach at Maha Induruwa

Price: Rs.83,000,000/-


(land value only-inclusive of furniture)


Hotel (hotsben-2397)

No of pchs: 44

No rooms:06

No of floors: 03

Total floor area:4300

An on going boutique hotel

facing the Galle road & bordering the beach from at Maha Induruwa

Price: Rs.80,000,000/-