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Ratmalana (2825)

No of pchs: 43

No of floors:05

Total floor area: 25,560 sq.ft

A five storied building facing Katukurunduwatte road (with easy access from Templar's road as well as Attidiya road)Price: Rs.135,000,000/-






Commercial Building (2766)

No of pchs: 2.7

No of floors: 03

Floor area: 1575  sq.ft

A three storied building facing Prince street.

Price: Rs.92,000,000/-





Nugegoda (2672)

No of pchs: 41.3

No of floors:04

Total floor area: 18,500 sq.ft

An on going motor spare part yard with a four storied building facing High level rd (with access from behind as well)

Price: Rs.380,000,000/-

(including premises total stock & the on going business)



Colombo-03 (2734)

No of pchs: 8.5

No of floors: G+5

Total floor area: 13500 sq.ft

A five storied building with a basement facing Duplication rd  & bordering St.Anthonies mw.

Price: Rs. 320,000,000/-




Apartment building (2679C)

consisting 04 apts

Each with 03 bed rooms

Floor area: 2500 sq.ft

(each apt)

A newly built four storied building with one 03 bed roomed apt on each floor near the Nugegoda railway station.

Price: Rs.152,000,000/-




Colombo-03 (2736)

No of pchs: 06

No of floors: G+3

Total floor area: 4,400 sq.ft

A four storied building with a fully functioning ten roomed tourist hotel plus a three bed roomed apt on the top floor on a private road (adj the Juliana hotel)

Price: Rs. 200,000,000/-





Commercial cum residential (2673)

Four assessment numbers

Commercial (GF)-medical center

& shop (UF)-Law office

Residence behind:

No of bed rooms: 03

No of floors:04

Total floor area:5000 sq.ft

Newly built building plus house facing Hospital rd (opp the Royal institute)

Price Rs.36,000,000/-





Commercial building (2677)

No of pchs: 08

No of bed rooms: 05

No of floors: 05

Total floor area: 7100 sq.ft

A brand new luxury building (just completed with ample parking) facing Dehiwela rd close to Belanthara junction

Price:Rs.70,000,000/- (negotiable)





No of pchs: 10

No of floors:01

Floor area: 800 sq.ft

A partly built building with a slab for the upper floor (ground floor completed) facing Veyangoda road at the Ruwanvella town center.

Prices: Rs.2,500,000/-per pch



Panadura (2761)

No of pchs: 20

No of floors: 03

Total floor area: 6000 sq.ft

A spacious three storied building with high roofing at Rickgahawatte-Dibedda.

Price: Rs.27,000,000/-




Building (2812)

No of pchs: 15.9

No of floors:03

Total floor area: 8275 sq.ft

A spacious three storied building situated on a 30 ft private rd off Attidiya road (about 200 meters from the Galle rd & maliban junc)

Price: Rs.79,000,000/-




Nugegoda (2655)

No of pchs: 33.9

No of floors: 4+basement+rooftop

Floor area: (over) 25,000 sq.ft

A brand new building situated close to the Nugegoda supermarket.

Price: Rs.600,000,000/-



Panadura (1407-pana)

No of pchs: 88

Total floor area: 1000 sq.ft 

A single storied building situated on a high elevation at Watabaya junction at Hirana. 

Price: Rs.9.5mn



Shop/ office (bldgs-wat-2262B)

Floor area: 200 sq.ft

A ground floor office/ shop with ample open verandah & parking at Park road-Bangalawatte.

Price: Rs.2,000,000/-





No of pchs: 23.5

A building with 08 shop spaces & two houses  behind

situated at Main street in the heart of the Trincomalee town.



(with goods)


(without goods)

(prices negotiable)





No of pchs: 14

No of floors: 03

Total floor area: 6100 sq.ft

A newly built three storied building (with a roof top terrace & provsions for another two floors) facing Attidiya main road.

Price:Rs.65,000,000/- (negotiable)



Apt Building (2600)

No of pchs: 50

No of floors: 03

Total floor area: 7000 sq.ft

Total apts: 06

An almost new three storied apt building at Park lane opp the Jetwing beach hotel at Ethukale. 

Price: Rs.120,000,000/-





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  Property code No.   Price Description
Colombo-04  49D  

Rs.150 mil

A three storied building (6000 sq.ft) on 8 pchs facing Duplication rd
Colombo-06 89O  

Rs.40 mil

A single storied building (1600 sq.ft-with approval for five floors) on 3.45 pchs at Havelock road (opp the Havelock city)





Rs.5 mil pp

An investor required to demolish & develop a 5 pch property facing High level rd-Kirulapone & take on lease long term (to off set the rent from the investment)




Rs.75 mil

A three storied building (600 sq.ft each floor) with ground & upper floor open office space & top floor studio apt facing Mainland Cresent (opp St.Bridget's convent)
Colombo-08 27B  

Rs.200 mil

A five storied building on 14 pchs with a total floor area of 18000 sq.ft with parking for 30 cars (including a basement) at Castle street(opp the hospital)
Colombo-10 120F

Rs.17 mil

Ground floor of a three storied building (840 sq.ft) facing Maradana rd near Punchi Borella junction
Colombo-10 140P

Rs.32  mil

A six roomed three storied building on 5.5 pchs fifth block fm the Galle rd (opp mount lavinia courts)




Rs.24 mil

A three storied building with two apts on each floor (01-02 bed rm & 01-01 bed rm ) on 05 pchs at Shantha mw-off Kawdana rd
Mt.lavinia 86A  

Rs.45 mil

A four storied building (including a basement) with a total floor area of 3200 sq.ft facing the Galle rd (opp Templars rd)