Some of the comments from our customers regarding our web site & advertising on the web.                                                


Rahim Yaseen (USA) [] January 25, 2019, 5:00:57 AM


Dear Mr. Ziard,Thank you for staying on top of the transaction and making this happen.

Appreciate all the help and look forward to working together regards-yaseen.


Ruwini Peris (Directress-Rewards International school )(08th Aug 2017)


Thank you very much Mr. Ziard for bringing this unexpected blessing to us. We are so happy that we found this lovely place and this incredible family! I really appreciate how you handled everything. I will definitely get back to you.


Preethie Jayawickrama (CANADA) [] 25 June 2015


Just to inform you that we have finalized an apartment in Crescat colombo 3, 

Thank you for the high professionalism and quick response you gave.


Certainly we will book in the next opportunity 



Mr.Chandima De Alwis (AUSTRALIA) ( on 16/6/2015


Hello  Ziard,

Thanks for your message the other day, sorry I could not reply as I was very busy.I also only got commendation for your service,and the professional manner you handled the web advertising and subsequent coordination and negotiations with the prospective buyer.I have no hesitation is recommending your services to any of my friends in Australia.


Thanks again,

Best Regards


Dear Ziard, Hope you are keeping well and remember me, who obtain your service to sell 387/2 Havelock Road property to Dr Naidu in 2015.

There is a small exclusive apartment complex planned on my main land, facing Havelock Road, adjoining the 387/2 and the developer have asked me whether I can recommend any one to promote the project for initial reservations. Considering the professional service for the sale of my house, I have no hesitation in introducing you. By looking at your news letters periodically emailed to me, it appears your company do wide range of real-estate including apartments. If you are interested to promote the project please let me know. I will introduce you to the General Manager of PS Property who is handling the project.

Best Regards Chandima

Munasinghe (UAE) Address = living in Dubai Phone = 00971 50 5954659


I have already advertised my house for rent in this web page. I am really happy about your services.
Now I have 10 p land in Malabe very near to Malabe junction. About 1 km from Malabe Junction. From the main road 1 km to the land.I would like to sell my property. One pch. is 5.5 lks. total for 10 pch. 55,000.00 lks.
Can you please check in your data base anybody is looking a land in this area.
I am not living in Sri Lanka. I would prefer to sell this land in July, 2011. Because I am coming for my holidays.

I really appreciate your service.
Thanks, <>Ms.Premalie Mendis-Resident (USA)


Thank you for your prompt reply. I think you have done good job like the professional real estate people do in USA. They do not waste time

Will get back to you soon,as I have another person regarding selling of her land.


Dr. Wilfred Perera (Gynecologist & consultant physician , Nawaloka & Durdans hospitals)


" I got a very good response by advertising my land at Bolgoda on "". The pictures

taken were very descriptive & lot of callers from aboard were impressed  by the scenic beauty of the

surrounding area"


Mr. Samuel Glick (Property developer , UK)


"This is a very good concept in advertising real estate in Sri Lanka, as it is like almost visiting the site when you look at the pictures & other details, you don't really have to visit the place to have a look at the property, unless otherwise you are 90% made up your mind to go for it, thereby saving your time & energy. I wish more & more people here will get used to doing business on the internet

as in most of Europe now, in keeping up with the latest technical advancement in our day to day lives"


Mr. K.D.Dharmdasa-Chairmen, Naewaloka Group of Companies


" I never knew I will get such a good response from advertising my property on the internet, Although the responses were good from advertising in the newspapers, most are callers to check the

price, where as in this case most of them have a good idea of the property before they approach you" 


Mr. Riyas Ahmed-Chairmen, Harcourts Group of campanies. 


"Many people in Sri Lanka still don't have a good idea the effectiveness of advertising on the worlwide web,it reaches many thousands far across the channels at the same time & 24 hours of the day,I think its a good way of advertising real estate too, as it minimizes the hassle of traveling from

one end to another when you are on the look out for a property"


Mr.Anton De Silva-Sri Lankan resident in (USA)


Excellent site ... just hope more people use it for their sales. Great job .... I live in the USA found this site to very useful for many reasons ....Anton De Silva