For Sale

Elwala-Matale district



Part of an estate (3191)

No of Acres: 11.25 (1800 pchs)

Part of Wariypola estate between Elwala & Matale (close to the Matale Municipal boundary) Price:Rs.22,000/- per pch

(for the full land)



Estate (3393)

No of Acres: 15

A prime cultivated estate at Marahena division-Bulathsinhala with tea, coconut & Old rubber plantation.

Price: Rs.5,000,000/- per acre




Puttalam -Puttalam district


Beragala-Badulla district

Teak estate (3396)

No of pchs: 80

A well cultivated Teak estate with 120+ trees on Puttalam-Anuradhapura main rd about 10 Km from the Puttalam town center.


(per pch)



Diary farm & estate (3212)

No of acres: 06

An on going diary farm with an estate of tea & potatoes in a highly elevated scenic location close to the Beragala town.

Price: Rs.110,000,000/-



Ginigathhena-Nuwara Eliya district


Malwana-Gampaha district

Tea estate (estsne-1819)

No of acres: 46

A teas estate consisting of 30 acres plucking tea, a 4 bed roomed bungalow, supervisors quarters & workers quarters situated at Wevaltalava-Ginigathhena.

Price: Rs.65,000,000/-



Fruit farm (ffsml-1556)

No of acres: 2.5

An on going profitable fruit farm including cultivation of Rambuttan & various other fruits as well as several fish ponds situated at Dompe road about 1.5 Km from the Malwana town.

Price: (Offers accepted)





Cocnut estate with a bungalow


No of acres: 42

Total floor area of the bungalow

2200 sq.ft

A yielding coconut estate with around 1400 cocnut,1500 plantain trees & a newly built bungalow situated facing the Kurunegala-Puttalam highway at Wariyapola (20 KM from Kurunegala town)

Price: Rs.2,700,000/-per acre



Holiday bungalow & Estate


Bungalow-80 pchs

No of rooms: 03

Total floor area: 3500 sq.ft

Estate-44 acres

A holiday bungalow with an large cultivated tea estate situated by the Hartly tea factory at Ihala Welgam-Bulathsinhala.

Price (for both): Rs.60,000,000/-



Mathugama-Kalutara district


Beruwela-Kalutara district

Cultivated Estate


No of acres: 48

(inc.4 acres of reservation)

Three buildings including a stores, factory & a bungalow cum office.

07 acres of Cinnamon

22 acres tapping rubber

4.5 acres tea

An ongoing estate situated close to the Yatadole palm oil plantation & newly proposed housing scheme close to the Dodanwala exit of the Southern highway.

Price: Rs.45,000,000/-(Crown title)



Cinnamon estate (2724C)

No of pchs: 960

A profitable cinnamon estate with three houses situated at Kogahalanda-Wedagoda-off Deniya junction (about 04 Km from the Beruwela town)

Price:Rs.33,000,000/- (negotiable)


Nawalapitiya-Kandy district


Elkaduwa-Matale district

Tea estate (173N)

58 Acres with 45 acres VP tea including a Hydroplant,factory,staff quarters close to the Katapola estate Kadialenna junction

Price: Rs.75,000,000/-



Bungalow with cultivation(2760)

No of Acres: 10

No of bed rooms: 05

No of floors: 03

Total floor area: 4000 sq.ft

A luxury & spacious bungalow on a highly elevated scenic location at Elkaduwa

Price:Rs.95,000,000/- (negotiable)