Work for us on a commission basis!


Do you like promoting advertisements on our website, you could do it without leaving your home, at your time of convenience over the phone,

all you have to do is convince clients to advertise their properties on our website, which is a convenient cost effective way of advertising properties with world wide exposure to a targeted clientele world wide who are looking for properties in Sri Lanka, following are some of the advantages.

  •         It goes worldwide & it is almost like visiting the site

  •         Our website has a link to another 49 websites

  •         We do a monthly email news letter to about 50,000 recipients including all the embassies in Colombo.

  •         We print a monthly magazine & some of the selected advertisements go in to the magazine at no extra cost to you.

  •         The advertisers donít have to pay us any brokerage as we give their direct contact details.

  •         We have regular inquiries from people around the world who are looking for properties to buy/ Lease in Sri Lanka, there by your chances of a good offer are very much higher.

  •         We are in page number one in Google under Real estate in Sri Lanka.

  •         The web site has an average hit rate of 380 visitorís worldwide per day.

In return you will be compensated with a commission per advertisement  basis remitted to you upfront upon confirmation of an advertisement & payment by the client. Come on try it will be glad that you did so!

(Further more you will be entitled to a 1.5% commission upon sale of a property & half month rent if its a lease of a property-if a clients property who you introduced to us for advertising)

Effort pays....!

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