Kaduwela                 Properties for sale







House (2609)

Extent: 07 pchs

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 2500 sq.ft

A brand new luxury & spacious house with a spectacular view of the lake at Pattiyawatte road (close to the exit of the Southern expressway)

Price: Rs.30,000,000/-




Bare land(blskad-1480m)

Extent: 11.3 pchs

Prime land situated close to the Embulgama junction off Avisawella road about six Km from the Kaduwela town.

Price: (negotiable)






House (09hpskaadu-1309)

No of pchs:17

No of bed rooms:04

(Annex: 01 room)

An architect designed spacious luxury house with a separate annex at Bangalawatte road close to the New Kandy highway & the Kaduwela junction.

Price: Rs.10,000,000/-



Bare Lands (blskadu-1353)

No of pchs 7-12 (10 blocks)

Ten blocks of prime land situated down Avisawella road close to the Kaduwela town.

Price: Ranging from 250,000/-pp onwards.


House (09hpskadu1191)

No of pchs:20

Plus paddy field: 40 pchs

A newly built luxury & spacious house with an adjoining paddy field situated in a scenic location at Pahala Bomiriya.

Price: Rs.13,000,000/-



House (08hpskad976)

No of pchs: 11.1

No of bed rooms: 04

A newly built luxury house with a basement & two more floors (including the ground) situated on high elevation with a scenic view at Gemunupura.

Price: Rs.16,500,000/-







House (08hpskad977)

No of pchs: 41

No of bed rooms: 02

A two storied building with

swimming pool & two summer houses situated on high elevation with two approach roadways at Gemunupura.




Bare lands (08blskad981)

No of pchs: 10 each

Five blocks of prime land at Vihara mawatha close to the Low Level rod & the Kaduwela junction.


Ranging from

Rs.250,000/- to Rs.280,000/- per pch






Bare Land (08blsmal975)

No of pchs:09

A prime land at Kingsburry park-Welivita bordering Kaduwela in a highly residential & well secured location.

Price: Rs.315,000/-per pch



House (08hpskadu939)

No of pchs:9.2

No of bed rooms:04

A brand new luxury house at "Liberty range" situated close to the New Kandy highway & the Kuduwela town.

Price: Rs.12,500,000/-



House (09hpskadu1176)

No of pchs:12.1

No of bed rooms:04

A newly built luxury house situated in a scenic location by a paddy field  at Athurugiriya road.

Price: Rs.9,000,000/-



House (09hpskadu1228)

No of pchs:12

No of bed rooms:05

A newly built luxury house sitauated at Highway Nest down Korathota road bordering Athurugiriya.

Price: Rs.18,000,000/-



Bare land & partly built housing units


No of pchs: 370

(divided in to 32 blocks)  

A land divided into 32 blocks with four partly built houses situated down Rajasinghe mawatha, Hewagama.


Rs.70.0 MN



Cultivated land (blskad-1801)

No of acres: 07

A coconut land situated four Km from the Kaduwela road off the Colombo-Kaduwela highway at Welivita.

Price: Rsa.175,000/- per pch




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  Property code No.   Price Description



Rs.8.3 mil

A brand new three bed roomed luxury house (2000 sq.ft) on 19 pchs 2 storied at Happawala rd-off Avisawella rd (1.5 Km from Kaduwela town)



Rs.12 mil

A four bed roomed 2 storied brand new house on 12.5 pchs at Bomiriya rd,Pahala Bomiriya