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Land extent: 105  pchs

No of floors: 03

No of bed rooms: 05

Total floor area: 6000 sq.ft

A luxury & spacious house with a large landscaped garden built on three split levels at Pimrose Gardens-Aniwatte

Price: Rs.200,000/-pm

(fully furnished)



Land extent: 12  pchs

No of floors: 02

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 3500 sq.ft

A luxury & spacious house with a landscaped garden at Weerakoon Gardens

Price: Rs.75,000/-pm



Land for Echo tourism


No of pchs: 191

An ideal land for an echo tourism project or a holiday home situated close to the Amaya Hill hotel at Bowalawatte (adj Hantane)

Long term lease: Rs.12,000,000/-

(for 20 years)


House (hplkan-1780)

No of pchs: 12

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 2000 sq.ft

A spacious & luxury newly built house situated in a scenic location on high Elevation at Victoria Range residencies--Digana.

Rent: Rs.70,000/-pm

(fully furnished)


Bungalow (hplkan-1900)

No of pchs: 18

No of bed rooms: 03

Total floor area: 2000 sq.ft

An elegantly furnished luxury bungalow at Victoria Range bungalows (close to the Pallekelle cricket stadium) at Digana.

Rent: Rs.50,000/- pm

(fully furnished)


Apartments (aptlkan-1731b)

No of bed rooms: 02 each

Floor area: 1200 sq.ft (each)

Three luxury apats on three floors (fully furnished) situated at Kuda Ratwatte mawatha (on short or long term basis)


Rs.40,000/- pm (short term)

Rs.30,000/-pm (long term)


House (hpsl-kan-2318)

No of pchs:15

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 5000 sq.ft

A fully refurbished luxury & spacious (three storied) house at Rajapilla Terrace (with a magnificent view by the lake round)

Price: Rs.250,000/-

(fully furnished)


Building (08offlkan1062)

Floor area: 3260 sq.ft

Ground floor of a spacious building situated by the Peradeniya road & close to the Kandy city center.

Rent: Rs.190,000/-pm





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