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Apartments (JATNAW)

No of bed rooms:02-03-05

Total floor area:

1596.39 to 3456.40 sq.ft

Two-three-five bed roomed luxury apts at Fourth lane

(ready to occupy)

Price: Ranging from Rs.38,900,000/-onwards



Apartment (2662)

No of bed room: 03

Total floor area: 1160 sq.ft

A brand new luxury & pacious pt on the 10th floor of Prime Aqua residencies at Temple rd

Price: Rs.32,000,000/-




Apartments (2729)

No of bed rooms: 03

Floor area (e apt): 2100 sq.ft

Newly built 03 bed roomed luxury apts (only 06 apts in the building) at School lane.

Price: Ranging from Rs.36,000,000/-onwards



Bare land (2725)

No of pchs: 15.5

A prime land bordering a canal from behind situated down Temple road (about 100 meters from the Nawala junction)

Price: Rs.17,000,000/-per pch




Bare land (blsnaw-1654A)

No of pchs: 68

A prime land (which could be blocked in to 3 equal potions) situated down 3 rd Lane, off Chandra Wettasinghe mawatha-Koswatte.

Price: Rs.1,750,000/- per pch


Houses (hpsnaw-1854B)

No of pchs: 6,9 &11

No of bed rooms: 05 each

Total floor area: 3000 sq.ft each

Three newly built luxury houses adjoining each other situated at Sarasavi Uyana-off Nawala road.

Prices: Ranging from Rs.28,000,000/-



House (hpsnaw-1708)

No of pchs: 10

No of bed rooms: 04

An architect designed luxury & spacious house with a medium sized landscaped garden area, situated down School Lane.

Price: Rs.30,000,000/-



Bungalow (hpsnaw-1841B)

No of pchs: 24

No of bed rooms: 05

A colonial type luxury bungalow with a large landscaped garden area at Liyanage road (close to the Koswatte junction)

Price: Rs.65,000,000/-





House (hpsnaw-1846)

No of pchs: 06

No of bed rooms: 04

A newly built spacious house at 3 rd Lane-Chandra Wettasinghe mawatha-500 meters from the Koswatte junction.

Price: Rs.20,000,000/-



House (hpsnaw-1582A)

No of pchs: 16

No of bed rooms: 04

A newly built luxury & spacious house situated down Aralia place-off Nawala road.

Price: Rs.42,000,000/-



House (hpsnaw-1600)

No of pchs: 16

No of bed rooms: 06

A newly built spacious & luxury house situated down 2 nd Land at Koswatte.

Price: Rs.65,000,000/-





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  Property code No.   Price Description

Rs.38  mil

A four bed roomed two storied house (3000 sq.ft) on 6 pchs (fully furnished) at Quens park residencies-D.M.Colombage mw (adj the Open university)



(posted on-14/2/17)


Rs.40  mil

A five bed roomed partly built (75% work completed) three storied luxury house on 06 pchs at Sarasavi Gardens (off Nawala rd opp. the weli park)