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Building (2655)

No of pchs: 33.9

No of floors: 4+basement+rooftop

Floor area: (over) 25,000 sq.ft

A brand new building situated close to the Nugegoda supermarket.

Price: Rs.600,000,000/-




Land (2711)

No of pchs: 40.9

A bare land (with a partly demolished house) at Jubile mw (50 meters from the Mirihana junction)

Price: Rs.2,600,000/-per pch






Apartments (2669B)

No of bed rooms:02 & 03

Total floor area:

1147 to 11474 sq.ft

Three bed roomed luxury apts coming up at Pagoda road (close to the Pita Kotte junction)

Price: Ranging from Rs.23,200,000/-onwards



Motor spare part yard with building (2672)

No of pchs: 41.3

No of floors:04

Total floor area: 18,500 sq.ft

An on going motor spare part yard with a four storied building facing High level rd (with access from behind as well)

Price: Rs.380,000,000/-

(including premises total stock & the on going business)




Apartment building (2679C)

consisting 04 apts

Each with 03 bed rooms

Floor area: 2500 sq.ft

(each apt)

A newly built four storied building with one 03 bed roomed apt on each floor near the Nugegoda railway station.

Price: Rs.152,000,000/-




House (2697)

No of pchs: 12.5

No of bed rooms: 07

No of floors:02

Total floor area: 5200 sq.ft

A newly built two unit house situated on a private road off Jambugasmulla road.

Price: Rs.89,000,000/-




Building (blds-nug-1920)

No of pchs: 10.9

No of floors: 04

Total floor area:7500 sq.ft

A spacious building facing S.De.S.Jayasinghe mawatha & bordering a private road from one side at Kohuwela.

Price: Rs.65,000,000/-



House (hpsnug-1876)

No of pchs: 24

No of bed rooms: 05

A brand new luxury house with a large landscaped garden & a swimming pool situated down First cross lane-off Pagoda road

Price: Rs.85,000,000/-



Houses (hps-nug-1974)

No of pchs: 7.5 (each)

No of floors: 02 each

Total floor area:

House 'A'-1904 sq.ft

House 'B'-1863 sq.ft

Two brand new luxury houses adjoinning each other situated down Ruberwatte road at Delkanda.

Price: Rs.16,000,000/-

(each house-negotiable)


Land with building (sem)

No of pchs: 55

A prime land with two buildings at Malwatte rd (road connecting S De S Jayasinghe mw & 120 bus route-Kohuwela)

Price: Rs.3,000,000/-per pch

(negotiable) (sold for the land value)


House (hps-nug-2298)

No of pchs: 06

No of bed rooms: 04

Floor area:2500 sq.ft

A newly built luxury house situated on a private rd off Nawala road close to Nugegoda junction.

Price: Rs.27,500,000/-





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  Property code No.   Price Description



Rs. 23 mil

A three bed roomed brand new house (2400 sq.ft) on 7.5 pchs at Ruberwatte road,Gangodawila




Rs. 21 mil

A four bed roomed brand new house (2 storied) on 7.5 pchs at Ruberwatte road@Gangodawila



Rs. 20 mil

A four bed roomed brand new luxury house on 6.5 pchs at 3 rd Lane,Soma Thalagala mw off Joswel place




Rs. 80 mil

A spacious 07 bed roomed two storied house on 29.5 pchs at Udhamulla station rd