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Guest house (2767)

No of pchs:50

No of rooms:05

Total floor area: 2,500 sq.ft

A single storied spacious holiday bungalow with a large landscaped rear garden area at Wedderbern road (behind the Victoria park)

Price: Rs.110,000,000/-



House (08hpsne955)

No of pchs:20

No of bed rooms: 09

A newly built super luxury bungalow with modern furniture & appliances situated at the Nuwara-Eliya town.

Price: Rs.98,000,000/-

(inclusive of furniture & appliances)





Guest House (06ghsnuw417)

No of pchs: 43

No of rooms: 04

A guest house situated in a scenic location close to the Grand Hotel.

Price: Rs.80,000,000/-



Hotel (hgsl-nuw-2422b)

No of Acres: 28

No of bed dbl rooms: 06

No of family cottages: 02

No of restaurants: 02

An echo resort hotel sorrounded by a natural jungle and bordering a river  and the A7 main road at Ginigathhena

Price: Rs.175,000,000/-

(for the full property)


Tea estate (estsne-1819)

No of acres: 46

A teas estate consisting of 30 acres plucking tea, a 4 bed roomed bungalow, supervisors quarters & workers quarters situated at Wevaltalava-Ginigathhena.

Price: Rs.65,000,000/-



Holiday bungalow (hpsl-nuw-2067)

No of pchs: 65

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 3500 sq.ft

A single storied luxury single storied holiday bungalow with a large landscaped garden area situated in a scenic location at Black pool-Magoda.

Price: Rs.9,500,000/-



Houses (hpsne-1735)

(3 units-each unit consists)

No of pchs: 10

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 2400 sq.ft

Town houses situated in a scenic location by Gregory's lake at Kalu Kele.

Prices: ranging from 25 mil onwards.




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