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House (2681)

No of pchs : 10.5

No of bed rooms: 04

Floor area: 2500 sq.ft

A brand new luxury house at Kuruwatte road-Mampe

Price: Rs.16,500,000/-





Extent: 20 pchs

No of bed rooms: 02

Total floor area: 1880 sq.ft

Spacious single storied house situated close to a paddy field down Sarvodaya mawatha-Madapatha.

Price: (negotiable)



Bare land(blspil-1480e)

Extent: 15.5 pchs

Prime land situated down Ganngarama vihara mawatha, close to the Kotagedara junction at Madapatha.

Price: (negotiable)




Extent:14.15 pchs

Total floor area: 665 sq.ft

Single storied shop with a land behind situated close to the Polhena junction facing Madapatha-Kahapola road.

Price: (negotiable)




Extent: 15.8 pchs

Total floor area:2000

Spacious semi luxury house situated down Atiygala mawatha-off Madapatha road.

Price: (negotiable)



Bare land(blspil-1480d)

Extent: 52 pchs

Prime land divided in to three blocks situated down Atiygala mawathaa-off Madapatha road.

Price: (negotiable)



House (2573A)

No of pchs : 17

No of bed rooms: 04

Floor area: 2500 sq.ft

A newly refurbished luxury two storied house at Pubudu mawatha-Siddamulla

Price: Rs.20,000,000/-



Land (2573B)

No of pchs : 09

A prime land on a private road off Pubudu mawatha-Siddamulla

Price: Rs.750,000/-per pch



House (2742)

No of pchs : 9.5

No of bed rooms: 05

Floor area: 3350 sq.ft

A brand new luxury house situated at Sarabhoomi housing scheme off Madapatha road-Batakettara.

Price: Rs.33,000,000/-

(with furniture & appliances)


House (hpspil-1415)

No of pchs: 12

No of bed rooms: 05

A newly built luxury house situated down Madapatha road facing two approach roadways.

Price: Rs.12,000,000/-



Factory & house


No of pchs: 140

Floor area (factory): 9,500 sq.ft

Floor area: (House) 1400 sq.ft

A spacious factory & separate house within the same premises situated at Polgasowita.

Price: Rs.230,000/- per pch


Bare Land (blspil-1390)

No of pchs: 560

A vast flat land situated close to the newly proposed Matara-Colombo highway & the Mahinda Rajapakshe international sports stadium.

(possible to block out)

Price: Rs.120,000/- per pch




Extent: 20.05 pchs

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area: 3000 sq.ft

A spacious & luxury house facing two roadways situated down Madapatha road at Enselwatte.

Price: Rs.12,000,000/-





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  Property code No.   Price Description


Rs.19 mil A five bed roomed two storied house on 17 pchs at Pubudu mw-Siddamulla