Pita Kotte                 Properties for Rent or lease






Apartment (hplpit-2197)

No of bed rooms: 03

Total floor area:2000 sq.ft

A newly refurbished luxury & spacious apartment on the second floor of a building with only four apts at Epitamulla rd.

Rent: Rs.60,000/-pm


House (hplpit-2169)

No of pchs: 15

No of bed rooms: 04

Total floor area:4500 sq.ft

A brand new luxury house with furniture situated close to

Ananada Balik a Maha Vidyalaya off Pagoda road.

Rent: Rs.160,000/-pm

(fully furnished)

(rent negotiable)



No of pchs: 08

No of bed rooms: 04

A brand new house semi furnished

near the junction

Rent: Rs.55,000/- pm


House (08hplpit1011)

No of pchs:40

No of bed rooms:03

A newly refurbished spacious luxury house -fully furnished-situated facing Pagoda road close to the Pita Kotte junction.





House (hplpit01.htm)

No of pchs: 31

No of bed rooms:04

Newly built house ,fully furnished at Epitamulla rd.

Rent: Rs.100,000/- pm


House (07hplpit769)

No of pchs: 15

No of bed rooms:07

A spacious luxury house-semi furnished-which could be used as one or two separate units situated close to the Pit-Kotte junction.






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