Ratmalana                 Properties for Rent or lease                                    



House (hpl-off-rat-2436)

No of pchs: 9.5

No of bed rooms: 06

Total floor area: 2500 sq.ft

A newly refurbished luxury & spacious house off Third lane (fifth block from the Galle road)

Rent: Rs.130,000/-




Apartments (2 on each floor)


No of bed rooms: 02

Total floor area: 800 sq.ft 

Brand new building with two apts on each floor at C.P.De silva mw (opp the Ratmalana water board)

Rent: Rs.75,000/-per month

(each apt)


House (hplrat-2459)

No of bed rooms: 09

No of floors:04

Total floor area: 8000 sq.ft 

A brand new luxury & spacious two unit house situated down Second cross lane (off jaya mw)

Rent: Rs.300,000/-




(Ground floor of a house)


No of bed rooms: 03

Total floor area: 1500 sq.ft 

Ground floor of a two storied house with separate deeds at First lane-Kandwala mw (next to Airport

Rent: Rs.75,000/-

(fully furnished)




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  Property code No.   Rent Description



Rs.150,000/- with furniture

Rs.120,000/- wo furniture

A five bed roomed single storied house (2500 sq.ft) down a private road (off the Galle road) two blocks from the Sampath bank-Ratmalana branch